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The game

What is an Escape Game?

Escape games are the new entertainment concept everyone wants to try! Also known as escapism or escape room, an escape game is a real-life team challenge: locked in a room with a theme, you have to follow a series of tracks and puzzles in order to escape in the allotted time.
Looking for an original activity to do in Madrid this weekend? Do not hesitate and try INCOGNITO's real-life immersive adventures!

How is INCOGNITO Escape different?

Thrilling stories, original enigmas and a rich roleplay with many plot twists that will make you live a unique adrenaline-fuelled experience. Will you succeed in completing the mission and change the course of history?

What's the duration of a game?

To let you as much time as possible to investigate, plan on spending 1h30 in the agency. You will have 60 minutes to solve the mystery, plus a short briefing before the game and some explanations after the adventure. If you are late, you may not have time to discover all the secrets of our room.

How many players can participate in the investigation?

Our missions are designed to be solved in teams of 2 to 5 detectives. Remember that the more, the merrier! However, we prefer limiting the experience to 5 people, so you do not risk to hinder each other. If you are an truly inseparable, we can accept up to 6 people per room. In that case, the same price will apply to the additionnal detective, 16€.

Are we really going to be locked in a room?

Do not worry, even if the door is actually closed, all our rooms are equipped with an emergency button - located right next to the exit - that will unlock the door in case of emergency or need. Our game masters will also be watching you throughout the room's video surveillance cameras and may intervene should the need arise .

What if we get stuck and can not solve an enigma?

Our game rooms are equipped with a video surveillance system that will allow our game-masters team to guide you throughout the game. They will be able to follow your progress in the investigation and will help you to move forward to solve the mystery. No image of this monitoring will be recorded.

In what languages can we participate to the investigation?

Our missions are designed to be playable in English, Spanish or French. Please specify the desired language in the booking form so our game master is able to send you the clues in the right language.

What is your room's level of difficulty?

Cleverly designed, our rooms allow both to challenge experts with huge experience in escape games and to let beginners discover this fun activity.

How many escape rooms do you have? What is the maximum number of players

For now, we offer a single mission, the Flamenco Mystery, for teams of 2 to 6 players. However, we can offer alternatives for larger teams, do not hesitate to contact us to discuss it.
More missions are forthcoming, stay alert detectives!


Do I need any specific knowledge to be able to participate?

Our games are designed for anyone to participate, without specific prior knowledge. The puzzles are based on logic, observation and communication within the team of detectives.

I do not know how many we will be, how can I book?

You don't know how many detectives you can bring to this investigation? No worries, the booking fee is the same, so you can book now with an approximate number of players and pay the balance on-site, depending on the real number of players.

What's the age requirement?

The minimum age to participate in our missions is 14 years old, in order to fully enjoy the experience. We exceptionnaly accept children from 10 years old if they are part of a group of adults (maximum 1 child per adult). All minor participants will need to have a written parental consent. We have agreements in our premises or online to send us back before the beginning of the game. We reserve the right to refuse entry to groups of minors if these conditions are not respected.

How is it suitable for a company's team building?

Escape games are more and more used by companies as they tighten teams by offering collaborative enigmas and requiring flawless communications. Directors, managers, technicians and even interns will need to ignore their differences and work as a team to solve this challenge.

Are your rooms suitable for people with reduced mobility?

Our local and our game room "Flamenco Mystery" is adapted for people with reduced mobility. As no physical force is required in our games, you can contribute to the investigation even in a wheelchair. Nonetheless, it is desirable that at least one team member has full mobility to be able to participate. Remember to specify this information in the booking form so our gamemaster can prepare the room accordingly.


How to book a session?

To book a session, visit the "Booking" tab of our website and select the "Flamenco Mystery" mission. A reservation window will allow you to pick the date and time and to proceed securely to the paiement through Stripe.
If you have trouble making your reservation, please contact us by phone or email.

How much does a session cost?

To maximize your chances of solving the mystery, the more detectives you are, the less you will pay!
The session's price will depend on the number of players:
5 or 6 detectives: 16€ /player
4 detectives: 18€ /player
3 detectives: 21€ /player
2 detectives: 25€ /player

How do I pay?

The payment is made in two steps:
- a booking fee of 30€ is charged on our website through Stripe, a secured online payment solution,
- the final balance will have to be paid on-site, by credit card or cash, depending on the number of participants (see detailed prices above).
If you have any difficulties in booking, please contact us by phone or email.

Can I change my booking?

If another mission comes up and you can not make it at the date and time you picked, we allow you to change your booking. You will need to notify us at least 48 hours before the planned session, by phone or email. Within 48 hours prior to the session, you will lose the booking fee.

What happens if we are late?

If you are late, you may not be able to complete your mission. We trust your legendary punctuality, dear detectives. In case you are more than 15 minutes late, there is a risk that you will not be able to enjoy a full session or that your session has to be cancelled.

Is it possible to book a private event? (Company meeting, bachelor / bachelorette parties, birthdays, etc.)

If you want to organize private events, do not hesitate to contact us, we will gladly offer you original and memorable activities, adapted to your needs, whatever the number of participants is!

Can I come without previously booking?

If you want to play a session, we always recommend booking through our website to ensure the availability of our rooms and game masters. If you come without a reservation you risk that we can not offer you a session at that time. In any case, you can contact us by phone to check our availability.


Where is INCOGNITO Escape Game?

To ease the coming and going of our detectives, the agency is close to Madrid's city center, at "Calle de Linneo n°4", next to "Calle Segovia". You will find some details on how to come by car or public transportation below.

Can I come by car? Where could I park?

There is a free parking area a few hundred yards from the INCOGNITO Escape agency, on the other of the river "río Manzanares", crossing the Segovia bridge. You can usually park your (counter-surveillance) car in our street for a few euros. Pay attention, there might be events in the area (Concert Hall La Riviera, Calderon Stadium...). Please check the traffic, especially on weekends, and come earlier to ensure you will find a parking spot and be on time for your mission!

How to get to INCOGNITO Escape by public transportation?

To get to the Agency by public transportation, there are numerous solutions:
You can compute your itinerary with the following link:
Here are the closest lines:
Métro ligne 10, 6, R stop at Príncipe Pío
Métro ligne 6 stop at Puerta del Angel
Bus : 25 y 39 (Opera), 31 (pza. Mayor), 33 y 62 (P. Pío), 36 y 41 (Atocha), 50 (Sol), 65 (Benavente), 138 (pza. España), C1 (Circular 1), N18 y N19 (Cibeles)

What are the opening hours?

INCOGNITO is open from tuesday to sunday, from 5pm to 11:45pm from tuesday to thursday, from 5pm to 1:30am on fridays, from 10am to 1:30am on saturdays and from 10am to 11:45pm on sundays. If you would like to book outside of the normal schedule, you may contact us by email or phone!